Often we find ourselves stuck in a slipstream of culture, wondering how to live a purpose-driven, God ordained life.  We believe that we can walk in all that God has for us, influencing our world with the culture of Heaven and the character of Christ.  We’d love to have you join our Tribe as we discover who God is, who He’s created us to be and walk in the kind of influence He designed us to.

Tribe Talks

Our podcast has been created with the intent to help our community discover truth. Through study of God’s Word, encouragements from leaders in our own House and conversations with other leaders in our global community, we aim to equip our Tribe with the knowledge they need to give a reason for the incredible hope that we have.

Life Groups

Discovering our purpose in life can be a hard journey – but it’s not meant to be!  God has intricately created us and Jesus, His Son, came so that we would know exactly how God has created us to live.  Our weekly Life Groups are spaces where we open God’s Word, discovering who we are and how we have been empowered to walk there.


God created us to exist in community and through our Gatherings we aim to grow in relationship with each other and deepen in our relationship with God.  Check our socials for our next upcoming event.

No one stands alone